Our Services

Ateek supply variety of different equipment and spare parts that satisfy our clients needs .

Power Equipments
• Fuel and gas engine and spare parts
• Fuel and gas generator and spare parts

Drilling & Production Equipments
• Drilling accessorial equipments
• Drilling anti-corrosion equipments
• Testing Equipment for oil well maintenance
• Oil and gas production equipments
• Oil and gas well-head equipments
• Spare parts of other special equipments

• Temperature meter
• Pressure meter
• Flow meter
• Level meter
• Probing meter
• Mechanical Temperature and pressure meter
• Displayer instrument
• Instrument panel and control cabinet
• SCADA system
• Electronic measuring tools
• Laboratory instrument and device
• Instrument accessories
• Executive mechanism

Electric Power Equipments & Materials
• Electromotor
• Transformer
• Intelligent online monitoring equipment for large power transformers
• HV & LV electric appliance equipments
• Transducer
• Electric appliance fitting
• Electric material and components

Communication Equipment’s
• Wireless communication equipments
• Satellite communication equipments
• Microwave relay communication equipments
• Carrier communication system equipments
• Optical fibre communication equipments
• Special communication equipments
• Special Meters for communication equipments

Electronic Industrial Products
• General computer equipments
• Storage equipments
• Input and output equipments
• Network equipments
• Computer accessories and Spare parts
• Software
• Electronic controlling products and components

Petroleum General & Special Tools
• Drilling tools
• Drilling fishing tools
• Power driving machine and tools
• Common tools
• Explosion-proof tools
• Professional tools
• Measuring apparatus
• Cutting tools

Valve & Bearing
• High pressure valve
• Medium pressure valve
• Low-pressure valve
• Nonmetal valve
• Valve driving and executing mechanism
• Valve fittings and accessories
• Bearing and accessories

Piping & Sealing Products
• Flange Piping
• Welding Piping
• Flexible Pipe
• Compensator
• Mechanical sealing and fitting

Security and Protection Products
• Protection articles for Insulation work
• Protection articles for work high above the ground
• Protection articles for oil resistance, acid resistance work
• Anti-poisonous, dustproof, mothproof, noise proof articles
• Radiation protection products
• Common protection clothes

Design of Supply Chain Network

Inventory Optimization

Review and improve Warehouse and Inventory Operations and Management

Review and improve transportation strategies

We help organizations reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill their procurement teams so that they can realise cost savings faster. We aim to ensure savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term. We aim to make procurement functions twice as effective, enabling them to deliver more with their teams and become high-value generating functions for their businesses. The results are greater cost savings delivered faster and more sustainably, allowing your organization to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively.

Procurement Operation

Providing tools/materials & logistics:

Outsourced logistics services now reach far beyond the spot buying of transport: from warehousing to order processing, inventory management, packaging, kitting or final assembly, and aspects of supplier management may be included in a contract. Establishing ‘partnerships’ is key, but contracts need the flexibility to cope with short product life cycles, changing supply bases, and different routes to market.

Inventory and warehouse management:

Ateek always endeavour to undertake the widest review possible to ensure elements of your warehouse, picking and despatch processes are not ‘sub-optimised’. We are highly experienced in analysing and developing solutions for all areas of Materials Management, Procurement, Stores and Inventory Optimisation and Management including Strategy Development, Stock location, Handling and Picking processes, Demand Forecasting, Integrated Inventory Control, Vendor Management, Vendor Support Operations and Performance Measurement.

Procurement Process

Supply Chain Improvement:

As a regulation, technology and consumer behaviour continue to evolve at a greater pace than ever before, proactive supply chain improvement is no longer a choice but a necessity. In the future, supply chains will be neither as long nor as stable as they have been in the past. This means they must be kept under constant review and businesses must be more agile to respond to sudden and unexpected change. Businesses will need to be able to simulate a wide range of scenarios and analyse and understand the resulting outputs. This includes accurately analysing their current dependencies and links to critical markets around the world.

Cost optimization:

Reducing costs is a key objective for many organizations at some point in their business lifecycle – whether to increase profitability, reduce waste, fund expansion or remain competitive during difficult market conditions. However, it is often not simply a case of reducing costs for maximum impact in the short term; but rather implementing cost-saving solutions which will endure in the long term. We help businesses reduce costs, improve internal processes and upskill their procurement teams so that they can realize these cost savings faster, autonomously. Our cost reduction service ensures savings are measurable and sustainable – delivering greater value for your business over the longer term.

Sourcing Service :

Ateek is one-stop shop for all your sources needs, either from local or international markets, just tell us your requirements and you will get an amazing, quick and professional response including all kind of support such as developing the specification, prepare ITB, mange bidding process, technical id evaluation, commercial bid evaluation, awarding stage, contract execution management, contractor performance valuation and close our report.

Tendering process & bid management:

Supporting your business throughout the tendering process We can help you win more business by navigating you successfully through the process. Let our experts do the work for you – from finding and recommending the best opportunities to preparing outstanding documents and submissions. Our expert bid management consultants give our clients a cost-effective way to manage their tender workload. Our priority is to help you win contracts that will transform your business from day one.

• Management of sourcing processes from A to Z,
• Review and improve Procurement Process
• Review and improve and design of Procurement Procedure
• Developing effective and efficient sourcing strategies
• Design of contractor and or supplier database
• Supplier Prequalification Process
• Design efficient and effective Contract Management Process
• Improve saving through best practice of supply chain management
• Developing suitable Supply Chain Strategies
• Design and follow up of procurement bidding process
• Strategies for stakeholders’ involvement
• Design all types of tendering documents templates
• Procurement Risk Management
• Design and Management information system software
• Markets & Supply Chain researches

The computer hardware system, software development, network system, all kinds of application system, satellite communication, microwave communication, signal transmission of voice and multi-media are all involved, as well as the investigation, demand analysis of information system, technical training and services. Ateek and its partners provide a range of telecommunication services to residential, professional and large business customers. The company focuses on the following principal areas:

• New Site Survey (2G, 3G).
• SA.
• Route survey and design for Fiber Optical projects.
• Marketing survey services.

Optimization, Tuning
• Existing sites tuning, analysis and optimization.
• Indoor design solutions.

Civil Work
• New sites Implementation.
• Implementation for Fiber Optical Projects, inside and outside plants.
• Interior design.
• Buildings construction.

Installation & Expansion
• New sites Implementation (Telecom).
• New sites Implementation (Power).
• Installation, testing and commissioning for Fiber Optic cables.
• Hardware planning and deployment.
• Existing sites expansion.

Maintenance & Operation
• Existing sites maintenance
• Civil
• Power
• Telecom
• Fiber Optic cables maintenance
• Power Work
• Connecting new sites to commercial power network
• Generators set installation
Supply of all telecommunication and power equipments such as:
• GSM Towers
• Satellite Phones
• Shelters
• Main circuit breakers
• Main DP
• Ac controller 

From upstream to downstream we support your company power equipment, drilling and production equipment, instrument, electric power equipment - materials, and spare parts.

- Fuel and Gas engine Operation and maintenance

- Anti-corrosion Inspection and Engineering Services

- Automatic Control System Design and Engineering Services

- Automatic Fire Fighting System Design, Installation and Services

- Human Resources Services

• Training and HR Services

- Oil field Chemical Services
• Combining the hi-tech achievements of chemical products with the characteristics of crude oil over sea and integrating with the petroleum institutes at home and abroad, we have developed our own brand products with stable and excellent performance.
More than one hundred kinds of additives have been developed and produced such as demulsified, hydrate agent for paraffin removal, corrosion inhibitor, water-handling agent as well as fracturing and acidification additives.

Ateek focuses on NGO’s need by integrated solutions, supply, delivery, installation and after sale services by the following fields:

- Civil work: from design and construction up to turnkey projects.
- Supply and delivery for foodstuff.
- Supply and delivery for agricultural crops and seeds such as Dura, wheat and others.
- Provision of animal and agricultural consultancy.
- Provision of construction.
- Provision of installation networks.
- Provision of general maintenance at office and house
- Provision of web site design.
- Provision of implementation of E.R.P systems.
- Provision of training inside and outside Sudan.
- Provision of management consultancy.
- Supply of IT and communication equipments.
- Supply of construction materials including electrical parts.
- Supply of food.
- Supply of fabricated containers.
- Supply of spare parts.
- Supply and delivery of bottled water.