Ateek HSE Policy

Policy Statement for

Ateek for Integrated Solutions Co, Ltd. since stablished and registered in 2009, is a professional service company for providing services to Oil & Gas exploration, Telecom operation companies, Mining and NGO's.

Holding on the Tenet of "Responsible Growth" through all business activities, Ateek for Integrated Solutions Co, Ltd., is committed to continuous improvement performance of Health, Safety and Environment of its communities, its employees and, of course, its customers. The company sets up HSE policy, and ensures that:


Set up and implement the HSE management system, adapt to nature, and scale company business activity, services and effects to health, safety and environment.


Comply with HSE legal requirement and other laws and regulations of the country and other authorities.


Provide the enough manpower, material, and financial resources to HSE work, realize HSE target management, continuously improve HSE performance.


Embody personnel participation, supervision, rewards and punishment.


Maintain a HSE management system than defines the HSE responsibilities and accountabilities of Ateek for Integrated Solutions Co., Ltd. management of employees and contractors.


Persist with timely HSE check, risk controls and environment impact evaluation to ensure safe operation and protection of its employees, contractors, local communities. Prevent the accident, injury, ill health, property loss and pollution of the environment caused by hidden trouble and misoperation.


Periodically publish the HSE achievements to our employees, customers and society.


Recognize and respond to community concerns about our operations and to work with the community and others to understand and resolve health, safety and environment issues related to our operations.


Encourage employees when outside of work to apply the same principles for health, safety and environment that are applied at work.

Ateek for Integrated Solutions Co., Ltd. responsibilities for HSE performance are to ensure that all employees and contractors fully understand this policy and are active and behave in promoting HSE culture in the company.